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My two cents (or 50) on rap and misogyny

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This is the thing about rap. When I think of someday playing music for my children that we used to listen to in our “rebel” days, I would NEVER play songs like “Get Low” for my kids. I think that’s a pretty good test of how ridiculous the music is. Ya, it’s catchy, and ya, it has a great beat but we have to really take a look at what we are actually listening to. The parents of my generation had their rebel phase, from the hippie days to hard rock but I am embarrassed to be identified as a rap generation. Is that what we are going to be?

“Get Low”:

It’s not the genre itself I have a problem with, but the messages that rappers are sending. Messages that it’s okay to degrade and abuse women should not be tolerated. So why do we? I have rap songs on my iTunes, I’m sure most of us do. Why do we as women endorse it? For me, I know that it’s hard (growing up in Houston) not to like rap. It’s played at school dances, it’s what everyone listens to… In some strange way you identify with it. When it comes down to it, not all rap is bad, but maybe it’s time to look at those songs that my friends call “middle school classics.” I wouldn’t want my teen to be walking around singing “To the window, to the wall /To the sweat drop down my balls / To all you bitches crawl.”

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